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SCP: Pandemic is based on the SCP-5000 canon by Tanhony. 

The SCP Foundation is a non-governmental organization with a high reign of the prosperity of humanity — while remaining in total secrecy. They were once dedicated to containing and researching anomalous entities of our world, protecting humanity under a shade of moral grey.

The directive of the SCP Foundation made a complete shift upon the discovery of a foreign entity that has infected every human’s psyche. The O5 Council, the leaders of the SCP Foundation, initiated a directive to exterminate the human race in an attempt to stop the nefarious entity from reaching its true potential, undertaking the belief that doing so would be a mercy.

Several members of the SCP Foundation defect and retaliate against the omnicidal efforts, whistleblowing information to other large organizations such as the United Nations Global Occult Coalition (GOC) — near-before and after the remaining high-ranking staff embedded within the SCP Foundation had their consciousness memetically altered to become unempathetic and willing to abide by the directive, low-ranking staff and other staff deemed “unessential” were designated to be killed by security forces.

The directive’s initial plans include targeting civilian populations with artificially engineered entities known as Psi-Z, which is a project actualized by Erwin Koch, one of the leading researchers of Area 12.

Defectors of the SCP Foundation, along with assistance from the GOC, form a fireteam to infiltrate Area 12 in an attempt to prevent Psi-Z from reaching fruition, collect sensitive data, and exfiltrate Erwin Koch for interrogation. The fireteam’s efforts are to impede the SCP Foundation's present and future plans for global omnicide and to find more vital information on the entity behind the psyche-pandemic.

During the GOC's raid on the facility, it experienced a massive site-wide containment breach of Psi-Z and other contained entities. In addition to the existing mission, you must also fight through and survive against the horrors that broke loose.


We want our level design to be incredibly unique and to be well-accommodated for massive PvE scale, including the infected staff and the Psi-Z entities. We have taken on brutalist architecture for major areas, and we are currently working to make the levels more dense with rooms and branching halls to steer away from near-linear layouts.

Some areas are still blocked out, but we are working to populate the environment with final designs. In some cases, third-party assets are utilized in populating the environment where we are currently coming short. Nonetheless, the work of the Affray team takes the largest share of assets currently utilized, and will remain that way.

Our core workflow has led us to making a large amount of modular assets and tiling materials for building up the core environment spaces. We have made modular Blueprints for walls, ceilings, floors, railings, and so on - this allows us to build up environment spaces fairly efficiently in-editor while improving performance potential. This is in part due to us being able to instance the 3D meshes together in large quantities, reducing culling load on player/developer CPUs. The Blueprints we made also allow us to add subtractors, where we can add windows, doorways, and so on.

The environment design is far from over, over time it will become more alive and lived-in. In addition, we hope to bring more and more interactivity into play — so far you can shoot out most lights, destroy some items by firing your gun at them, and so on. This will also soon be integrated into our enemy AI perception systems. An example of this, a majority of enemies will be affected by light (how much they can see) and sounds, based on loudness. You will be able to use these planned components for stealth and other strategies, such as outright distractions.

You will also run into semi-frequent environmental puzzles and challenges to proceed deeper into the story.

We will also be expanding the story to non-facility locations in the future if everything holds up, where we will make new areas in open air — including but not limited to facility surfaces, the Free Range farmstead, Mars De Champ in Unbearable, and so on.


Throughout the game, you will be positioned against a plethora of different enemies — including but not limited to horde enemies, large monsters, and completely unkillable threats. We want to emphasize heavily that this is not a game just about horde enemies (zombies, etc). There will be incredibly diverse threats that you will encounter over time.

As development continues, different level segments will be dedicated to specific enemies and/or combinations of different enemies. You will have to adapt between different parts of the environment to ultimately survive and progress through the stories.


These are planend future expansions for SCP: Pandemic. of which can be expedited with more funding. Art is not made by us, it is from the SCP-5000 graphic novel by Beangrant.


We are experimenting with player-configurable mechanics such as deadzone aiming, leaning, and other dynamic mechanics to give players more control in the current close-quarters combat space. We want to ensure playing with our custom framework feels good, is good to work with on the development-end, and can accommodate future expansion outside of PvE, including potential PvP applications.




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SCP: Pandemic is being developed in Unreal Engine 4 (currently 4.26). We have built our own layer of systems on top of Unreal Engine that we have named AffrayCore. AffrayCore is everything from generic to specialized systems, even including 3D assets and audio that our core development pipeline depends on.

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