We have been friends with these guys for over two years now, and we are super happy to officially partner up. They will be working with us behind the scenes on more administrative tasks and responsibilities, as well as helping us reach out to other strategic partners, such as content creators and other companies. 


Affray and Black Site share a similar vision and see eye-to-eye on how we feel things should be done, and so far we have worked very well together. Black Site has been an advocate of ours for a long time now, so we look forward to continuing our work with them in a more official capacity!



DBolical has been our primary investor up until this point. They have helped us financially and will be continuing to help us on the business end as needed. They are incredibly hands-off and leave us to do as we please creatively, which we are super grateful for!

When we started off Pandemic in a big way, we were building it on the framework of Squad. The investment from DBolical's Modularity investment label has helped us transition into our own self-made framework.





We are happy to partner with Nexus to enable content creators to sell copies of SCP: Pandemic on their own stores in turn for their own revenue splits. Creators deserve to be compensated for their work, and we are happy to support Nexus and thousands of creators for a shared benefit. 



Affray is a proud partner of NVIDIA under the Indie Spotlight Program & the Developer Program!



We seriously are super thankful for the chance to use Squad on an official capacity. It meant the world to us to have such an incredible backing, it really helped us transform this game into something we wanted it to be. As we learned more, and with the support of DBolical, we were able to start work on our own codebase for maximum flexibility for the CQB nature of SCP: Pandemic, along with other things our project needed that conflicted with Squad's design. 

Thank you for being a great partner.