SCP: Pandemic (Early Access)
SCP: Pandemic (Early Access)
SCP: Pandemic (Early Access)
SCP: Pandemic (Early Access)
SCP: Pandemic (Early Access)
SCP: Pandemic (Early Access)
Affray LLC

SCP: Pandemic (Early Access)

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Early Access Disclaimer

This is incredibly early development. Please only buy this if you want to support us in the current development state. The game can be incredibly buggy and there are lots of incomplete features.

This game is now releasing into Early Access in the Beta stage of development (by Q3 2021). Please be wary of your purchase, as the current stage of production may not represent the final image of our project. We want to bring this to life the best way we can, so please do not purchase this game if you feel it isn't worth supporting yet.

We are working hard behind the scenes, and we also hope if you choose to support this, you will join our communities to help us tackle minor and major issues, whether or be bugs or bad design. Thank you!

Pre-Order Notice

Purchasing this before our expected release date will provide you with a Steam activation key, but will not give you access to the game until our target release timeline.


The SCP Foundation is a non-governmental organization with a high reign of the prosperity of humanity — while remaining in total secrecy. They were once dedicated to containing and researching anomalous entities of our world, protecting humanity under a shade of moral grey.

The directive of the SCP Foundation made a complete shift upon the discovery of a foreign entity that has infected every human’s psyche. The O5 Council, the leaders of the SCP Foundation, initiated a directive to exterminate the human race in an attempt to stop the nefarious entity from reaching its true potential, undertaking the belief that doing so would be a mercy. 

Several members of the SCP Foundation defect and retaliate against the omnicidal efforts, whistleblowing information to other large organizations such as the United Nations Global Occult Coalition (GOC) — near-before and after the remaining high-ranking staff embedded within the SCP Foundation had their consciousness memetically altered to become unempathetic, low-ranking staff and other staff deemed “unessential” were designated to be killed by security forces.

The directive’s initial plans include targeting civilian populations with artificially engineered entities known as Psi-Z, which is a project actualized by Erwin Koch, one of the leading researchers of Area 12.

Defectors of the SCP Foundation, along with assistance from the GOC, form a fireteam to infiltrate Area 12 in an attempt to prevent Psi-Z from reaching fruition, collect sensitive data, and exfiltrate Erwin Koch for interrogation. The fireteam’s efforts are to impede the SCP Foundation's present and future plans for global omnicide and to find more vital information on the entity behind the psyche-pandemic.


You are a rogue fireteam going against the SCP Foundation. You are attempting to cripple the Psi-Z program and bring destruction to Area 12, the site that houses these efforts.


The developers describe the content like this:

The game contains blood and gore among other strong themes.